Why to invest in Phuket

Phuket offers world-class beaches, culture & heritage, magnificent temples, shopping malls, energetic nightlife and world class sport and fitness activities. Phuket International Schools, world class Hospitals and shopping malls make it an ideal place to stay for family and retirement people. The island has several top-class golf courses, world famous diving waters and an archipelago with a great sailing opportunities.

The Phuket region is developing fast and the number of large investments has increased year by year. The central location in Asia, good infrastructure and a growing number of tourists and residents provide a good platform for business and business.

Half of the world’s population lives within a 4-5-hour flight. The asian major economic centers Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are all within a short flight distance. The growing number of tourists from China is also a significant addition to Phuket’s economy.

Phuket Airport is Thailand’s second busiest airport after Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi. Since 2000, the number of passengers on the field has increased from 3.5 million to 13 million. The new airport opened in 2016 is likely to further increase the number of passengers, as the old field was already too small in capacity. largest arrival rates.

Phuket’s economic growth is boosted by Thailand’s recent membership in the Asian Economic Community. It facilitates Member States’ trade and labor mobility. Many people are already living in Phuket and are working for example in Singapore.

The change in visa rules for charter cruise crews has been made easier. Thus, it is easier to leave ships and large yachts in the harbor for longer. As a result of this change, all three major marinas in Phuket have invested heavily in expansion and are expecting a strong growth as a charter cruise destination and a major yacht storage port.

Phuket’s infrastructure is constantly being improved. For example, the road and the water treatment plant have invested heavily in recent years. Phuket is planned to have both a train route from the mainland to the airport and an internal train route to the island. If implemented, these projects would have a very positive impact on mobility and thus on the development of the whole region.

For real estate investors, Phuket offers an interesting destination. Year-on-year growth in the number of tourists and residents has increased the demand for rental property and increased property prices.

Due to demand, the value of the land is high and it is reflected in prices. The availability of a plot of land is limited by the fact that Phuket is an island and there are several national parks and rainforests. Because of this, construction is very tightly regulated. In addition to Bangkok, Phuket has the most valuable properties in Thailand.